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Cipperly Law Group provides representation, mediation, and guardian ad litem services in family law matters throughout metro Atlanta. The firm's services include:

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All domestic adoptions, including step-parent and relative caregiver adoptions


All kinds of divorce in metro Atlanta, including: Uncontested, contested, settlements, publication, with children and without children, LGBT/same-sex couples

Child Custody

Parenting Plans, Contested Custody, Consent Modifications/Agreements


Changes to divorce decrees, child support, custody, and other family law orders

Grandparents' Rights

Grandparent and Relative Caregiver Adoptions, Guardianships, and Custody

Paternity and Legitimation

Representing both dads and moms in court actions to establish paternity and legal parenthood of fathers


Enforcement of all kinds of family law orders, including support

Child Support

New child support orders and modifications

Separate Maintenance

Dividing and settling assets while staying legally married

Minor Guardianship and Third-Party Custody

Helping relatives and friends obtain legal guardianship and custody of children for whom they are caring

Family Violence Protective Orders

Protecting survivors of family violence through domestic violence Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs)

Stalking Protective Orders

Protecting victims of stalking, including stalking by intimate partners, friends, neighbors, and strangers

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Assisting engaged and married individuals in protecting their separate income and assets

Guardian ad Litem

Representing the best interests of minor children in custody, divorce, legitimation, and other family law matters.