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Registered Mediator:

Civil, Domestic, and Domestic Violence

Registered Arbitrator

Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution

Proud Member

Attorney, Mediator 

Amicable Divorce Network

Why Mediation?

Most family courts in Georgia order all contested cases to mediation, a process where people can work with a trained neutral, known as a mediator, to help them reach a mutually agreed upon solution. But did you know that you can also agree to mediate BEFORE you even file your case? Mediation is a great solution at any step in your journey to resolve your family disputes. 

Sarah Cipperly is a Registered Civil and Domestic Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. She is also Domestic Violence Specialized. To schedule Ms. Cipperly to serve as mediator in your civil or domestic matter, use the calendar below or call us at (678) 929-8095

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